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Fisheries Technology Associates is a world leader in aquaculture, fish farming, fish culture,
and wild fisheries consulting and management services.
For more than 34 years we have delivered the quality of service and experience that our clients expect and deserve.

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Project Associates

bulletTom Hopkins, Ph.D., Maryland
Water recirculation systems, aquaponic production systems, and water management technologies
bulletTerry Kayes, Ph.D., California
Aquaculture facility design and management and finfish production technology
bulletPaul Curtis, M.S., California
Marine finfish production and hatcheries
bulletTed Ground, M.S., Texas
Water recirculation systems and aquaponic production systems
bullet Jim Rakocy, Ph.D., Thailand
Tilapia production and aquaponic production systems
bulletDavid Rees, M.S., Colorado
Aquatic ecosystem and macroinvertebrate analysis
bulletArlo Fast, Ph.D., Michigan
Limnology and lake management
bulletBob Blinderman, M.S., Colorado
Environmental assessment and NEPA
bulletGreg Hurst, P.E., Colorado
Water system engineering and design
bulletBob Morton, P.E., Montana
Site engineering, water system engineering, and design
bulletRami Naddy, Ph.D., Colorado
Aquatic toxicology
bulletJeff Malison, Ph.D., Wisconsin
Aquaculture facility design and management and finfish production technology
bulletKen Richardson, M.S., Colorado
Lighting system electronics design and management
bulletAndy Fayram, Ph.D., Colorado
Stream and lake ecology, management, and restoration
bulletSteve Newman, Ph.D., Colorado
Greenhouse plant production
bulletScott Nelson, M.S., Colorado
Fish nutrition and feed formulation and manufacture
bulletDan Cheney, Ph.D., Washington
Aquaculture facility design and management and shellfish production technology
bulletMaria Haws, Ph.D., Hawaii
Shellfish hatchery and algae system design and management
bulletPeter Redmayne, M.S., Washington
Market analysis and fisheries commerce
bulletJD Sawyer, Colorado
Small-scale and commercial aquaponic production systems
bullet Robin Rackowe, M.A, Florida
Market analysis, fisheries commerce, and business management
bulletStephen Newman, Ph.D., Washington
Shrimp and fish production technology and health maintenance
bullet Ken Riaf, J.D., Massachusetts
Aquaculture laws, regulations, and permitting
bulletTim Stolz, Colorado
Marketing and business development
bulletLukas Manomaitis, M.S., Thailand
Hatcheries, feed mills, production, management, design, seafood processing/supply, and certification issues
bulletMark Edwards, Ph.D., Arizona
Algae mass culture and sustainable production
bulletTerry Warren, M.S., Thailand
Fish production and production systems
bulletHugh Thomforde, Ph.D., Tennessee
Fish and shellfish production and production systems

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