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Fisheries Technology Associates is a world leader in aquaculture, fish farming, fish culture,
and wild fisheries consulting and management services.
For more than 34 years we have delivered the quality of service and experience that our clients expect and deserve.

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Sunrise/sunset simulation technology: reduce stress, improve growth

Comprehensive ServicesTools of the Trade

Fisheries Technology Associates offers a full spectrum of aquaculture and fisheries-related services.  If you have needs that are not listed, please give us a call.  We will be happy to customize a package of services that works for you.

bullet Fish Farming and Aquaponics Services
Aquaculture, fish culture, fish farm, fish hatchery, and aquaponics consulting, due diligence, feasibility analysis, design and specification, management, and information services
bullet Fish Farms, Real Estate Searches, Investment Services, Buyer Searches
Aquaculture facility evaluations and searches for sellers and buyers and aquaculture investment guidance
bullet Lakes, Ponds, Reservoirs, and Streams, Rivers, and Other Water Features
Fisheries consulting and design and management
for lakes, ponds, reservoirs, streams, rivers, and decorative water features
bullet Wild Fisheries Services
Fisheries consulting and industry intelligence related to wild fisheries and commercial fishing companies around the world
bullet Legal, Regulatory, Permitting, and Litigation Services
Assistance with aquaculture, fish farm, and fisheries-related litigation and regulatory issues
bullet Comprehensive Water Chemical Testing Capabilities
High-tech water quality testing and interpretation
of results
bullet Lighting Control Systems
Electronic circuitry that simulates sunrise and sunset to reduce stress and production costs
bullet Technical Writing and Editing
Freelance technical
writing and editing for the natural resources, water-related, scientific, and technology professions

Consulting Fee StructureFees

Our services are part of a sound business and financial strategy.  In the long term, our services pay for themselves through higher productivity and lower overall costs.  That is the value we offer and the reason for our long-standing and continued success as consultants.

In most cases, we work with a written consulting agreement on a time-and-expenses basis.  The agreement offers protection to the client against disclosure of any sensitive information that is learned by us during an assignment, and clearly states our role as consultants.

We use a three-tier fee system.  For most consulting work performed at our offices, we receive an hourly rate plus direct expenses.  We increase the hourly rate for telephone consultations, given the efficiency by which we can transfer information verbally.  For all consulting work performed at other locations, we receive a daily rate (including travel days) plus direct expenses.

We require of first-time clients a deposit (retainer) of at least 80-90% of all estimated fees and expenses before work begins.  In some cases, we work for a flat fee or at reduced rates when long-term agreements are negotiated.

Please contact us by telephone for more details.

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