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This page includes links to aquaculture and fisheries-related web sites containing information and material that is educational in nature.


Submit your URL for inclusion on this page.  We will consider aquaculture and fisheries-related submissions (informational and educational sites only; no products or sales sites), and we reserve the right to deny inclusion of any submission.  Only opportunities for reciprocal links (our URL on your site too) will be given serious consideration.  Thanks.

AFS--Fish Culture Section

Alberta Aquaculture Association
American Feed Industry Association
American Fisheries Society
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
American Tilapia Association
Association of Zoos
 and Aquariums
Aquaculture Association of Canada
Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia
Aquaculture Engineering Society
Aquaculture Without Frontiers
Aquatext Aquaculture Dictionary
Aquatic Network
Aquatic Plant Management Society
Asian Fisheries Society of Taiwan
Asian Institute of Technology
Associated Koi Clubs of America
Auburn University
BC Salmon
BC Salmon Farmers Association
Bridge Ocean Sciences Education
Catfish Institute
California Aquaculture
California Aquaculture Association
Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
Canadian Aquaculture Institute
Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture
Colorado Aquaculture Association
Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center

Environmental Science
European Aquaculture Society

Fish Farmer Magazine

Fish Farming News
Fish Info Service
Fish Link Central

Fish Sleep
Fish and Tips
Fisheries Council of Canada
Fisheries Technology Associates
Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association
Global Aquaculture Alliance
HACCP--USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute
International Association of Astacology
Master Index of Freshwater Fishes
Missouri Aquaculture Association
National Agricultural Library
National Agricultural Statistics Service
National Aquaculture Association
National Center for Culture of Marine Phytoplankton
National Fisheries Institute
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Shellfisheries Association
NOAA--Fisheries of the United States 2010
North Central Regional Aquaculture Center
Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center
Northern Aquaculture
Peace Corps
Prince Edward Island Aquaculture Alliance
Quebec Fish Processors Association

Regional Aquaculture Center Fish Nutrition Launchpad
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Seafood Network Information Center HACCP
Shrimp News International
Southern Regional Aquaculture Center
Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (Alaska)
Striped Bass Growers Association
The Fish Guide--Tropical Fish
UC-Davis Aquaculture Program
UNFAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Statistics
US Aquaculture Suppliers Association
USDA Aquaculture Outlook Reports
USDA Census of Aquaculture

USDA Economic Research Service--Aquaculture
USDA Economic Research Service--Domestic Fish Sales and Imports
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service 
USEPA Office of Water
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Fish and Wildlife Service Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership
USFDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
USFDA Center for Veterinary Medicine--Approved Drugs for Aquaculture
US Forest Service NatureWatch Program
US Freshwater Prawn and Shrimp Growers Association
US Trout Farmers Association
Washington Fish Growers Association
Western Regional Aquaculture Center
Whirling Disease Foundation
Wild Fish Habitat Initiative
Wisconsin Aquaculture Association
World Aquaculture Society
World Fish Center

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