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Past Projects

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Domestic Projects

  • Developed an assessment and feasibility analysis of an existing 100 mt/year red abalone production facility for repurposing as an aquaculture production, fisheries conservation, and education complex in California.
  • Assisted in the development of a new lease for a 21 million clams/year depuration facility in New Jersey.
  • Evaluated the business plan and physical plant of a pilot-scale barramundi production facility in Iowa.
  • Provided design for a large-scale indoor clam holding and depuration facility in Virginia.
  • Developed physical, chemical, and biological design for trout pond and water features at a 300+-acre private estate in Missouri.
  • Remodeled and upgraded 100,000 fish/year walleye and brook trout stock enhancement facility in Wisconsin.
  • Analyzed technical and economic feasibility of 1.2 million pounds/year tilapia production facility in Wyoming.
  • Analyzed technical and economic feasibility of 350,000 pounds/year aquaculture demonstration facility in Indiana.
  • Analyzed technical and economic feasibility of 1.5 million pounds/year tilapia processing facility in Indiana.
  • Analyzed market and business prospects of a fish meal and fish oil replacement in shrimp feeds for product developer in Maryland.
  • Analyzed technical and economic feasibility of yellow perch and aquaponic tomato production at 480,000 pounds/year site in Michigan.
  • Analyzed technical and economic feasibility and developed biological design for yellow perch production at 20 million pounds/year site in Indiana.
  • Developed biological design and management plan for a 400,000 pounds/year indoor water reuse yellow perch, tilapia, and integrated plant production system for installation in Pennsylvania.
  • Designed water treatment systems for large, mobile fish holding tanks and displays in Colorado.
  • Designed dechlorination system for university fisheries research laboratory in Wisconsin.
  • Assisted major insurance company in development of aquaculture insurance products.
  • Remodeled and upgraded 550,000 pounds/year rainbow trout hatchery and rearing system in Kentucky.
  • Assisted in reconfiguration of 600,000 pounds/year tilapia production system in Arizona.
  • Analyzed technical feasibility of 2.45 million pounds/year indoor Atlantic salmon and yellow perch production system in Wisconsin.
  • Analyzed technical and economic feasibility of yellow perch production at 3 million pounds/year site in Michigan.
  • Analyzed technical and economic feasibility of yellow perch and hybrid striped bass production at 500,000 pounds/year power plant sites in Minnesota.
  • Assisted in design of 1 million fish/year Atlantic salmon smolt production system in Maine.
  • Analyzed technical and economic feasibility of, and technology to produce, 3,100 metric tons/year of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout in Guam.
  • Upgraded many coldwater, coolwater, and warmwater fish production facilities. Surveyed many facilities and laboratories to evaluate potential and develop feasibility and management recommendations.
  • Provided physical, chemical, and biological designs and management plans for many ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and streams.
  • Served as expert witness in aquaculture/fisheries litigations.


...and many more.

International Projects

  • GLOBAL--Provided commercial fishery and aquaculture industry intelligence, due diligence, and informational workshops.
  • GREECE AND SPAIN--Developed technical and financial due diligence for 20,000 mt/year seabass, seabream, and corvina hatcheries and production facilities.
  • NIGERIA--Developed aquaponic fish, shrimp, and plant production facilities for the production of 5,000 metric tons per year of fish and shrimp.
  • CANADA--Analyzed the technical and economic feasibility of 300 metric tons/year Arctic char facility in Saskatchewan.
  • SPAIN--Provided a marketing study for the production and sale of Seriola fingerlings and market-size fish.
  • MEXICO AND CROATIA--Provided investment due diligence and assessed production at large tuna grow-out facilities in Baja California Norte and Croatia.
  • VIETNAM--Developed hatchery, nursery, and grow-out facilities for 100 million seed/year oyster operation in Vietnam.
  • MEXICO--Analyzed technical and market feasibility of marine finfish production at a site in Baja California Sur.
  • CANADA--Assisted in the design of a new solids removal system for a 3 million fish/year salmonid production facility in Alberta.
  • SWITZERLAND--Evaluated and upgraded Eurasian perch production techniques at a 300 metric tons/year facility in Switzerland.
  • IRAQ--Designed 264,000 pounds/year indoor water reuse common carp production system and management plan.
  • THAILAND--Studied prospects and markets for a fish meal and fish oil replacement for shrimp feeds.
  • PACIFIC BASIN--Facilitated shrimp and fish production in tropical environments of the Indian and Pacific Ocean basins.
  • VIETNAM--Developed shrimp and catfish production and overall production strategies.
  • CHINA--Conferenced and strategized with key domestic businessmen.  
  • SINGAPORE--Provided fish farm and feed consultations. 
  • TURKEY--Assisted fish feed manufacturer in modifying and reformulating their inventory of feeds.  
  • THAILAND--Provided biosecurity and disease prevention at shrimp farms.       
  • SINGAPORE--Evaluated the use and suitability of marine clays for aquaculture in ponds at a fish production site in Singapore. 
  • SOUTH KOREA--Developed expansion of production and strategies for the management of white spot shrimp virus. 
  • MALAYSIA--Developed sustainable aquaculture and examined of shrimp production facilities for operational assessment and biosecurity.
  • INDONESIA--Technical audit of white spot shrimp virus and biosecurity issues for shrimp farms and fish farms.         
  • INDIA--Assessment of white spot shrimp virus, vibriosis, and biosecurity of shrimp farms.    
  • SRI LANKA--Examined shrimp production facilities for operational assessment and biosecurity.        
  • COOK ISLANDS--Examined environmental conditions and culture methods needed to optimize the production of black pearls. 
  • COOK ISLANDS, TONGA, TUVALU--Developed tuna and bottom fish resources (Tonga and Tuvalu) and a cultured black pearl industry (Cook Islands).       
  • KOSRAE ISLAND, FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA--Developed environmental documentation for a large-scale tuna processing facility.        
  • TAIWAN--Provided shrimp, eel, and fish farm surveys.   
  • LA REUNION, INDIAN OCEAN--Developed feasibility and design of a closed system recirculation hatchery.   
  • BANGLADESH--Provided regional overview, status of facility and equipment, and proposed aquaculture research.      
  • PHILIPPINES--Provided broodstock development for freshwater prawn farming.        
  • THAILAND--Evaluated giant prawn aquaculture.    
  • PALAU--Studied the feasibility of genetic selection in the rabbitfish and the freshwater prawn.
  • PUERTO RICO--Developed operational planning for freshwater prawn farm.
  • EL SALVADOR--Renovation and operation of commercial prawn hatchery and farm using new technology.
  • HONDURAS--Evaluated and developed resources for the production of penaeid shrimp.
  • VENEZUELA--Provided countrywide assessment, feasibility of shrimp farming.
  • BELIZE--Provided technical assistance, marine shrimp hatchery and farm.
  • BRAZIL--Developed feasibility, site selection and analysis for prawn hatchery and farm north of Rio de Janeiro.
  • COSTA RICA--Developed feasibility and financial assessment of marine shrimp farming site for possible purchase.
  • ITALY--Participated in expert consultant panel, conservation of genetic resources in aquatic species.
  • MEXICO--Evaluated and developed resources for the production of penaeid shrimp.


...and many more.

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