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Employment Opportunities at FTA

Because of our company structure and the clientele we serve, we consider resumé or curriculum vitae information from only a relatively few individuals.  You must have at least 15 years of aquaculture or wild-fisheries consulting experience or other similar substantial expertise or qualifications for us to seriously consider you for employment.  For those who qualify, you may e-mail your unsolicited resumé or curriculum vitae to our Senior Biologist at


The requirements listed above do not necessarily apply to specific solicitations that from time to time may be listed here in the Employment Opportunities at FTA section.  Please read those solicitations for requirements and qualifications.  Currently, we have no specific positions to offer within our company.


While we appreciate interest in our company on the part of other job seekers, we do not operate our own production systems or facilities that include intern, entry-level, or technician-level employment positions.  If our policy on this matter or the structure of our company changes, we will post an update on this page.  Again, thanks for your interest.

Employment Opportunities at Other Organizations

Please periodically monitor this page for opportunities at other organizations and production facilities.

14 January 2020--Fisheries Assistant Division Administrator, NE Game and Parks Commission, permanent

Salary $27.875/hr

Administer and coordinate all activities to meet fish production needs in statewide stocking programs.


See Website Link Below .


Ad Closing Date: February 7, 2020


 Dean Rosenthal /

23 December 2019--Black Bass Program Coordinator, AR Game and Fish Commission, permanent

Salary $54,021 annually +6% if AFS Certified Fisheries Professional

This is a supervisory biologist position with oversight of the AGFC “Black Bass Program” (BBP) in the Fisheries Division.  The Black Bass Program leads a statewide science-based effort to support District Fisheries Biologists in all issues associated with managing black bass fisheries in Arkansas and oversees a number of programs targeted for bass anglers and tournament organizers.  Please see the website position announcement for more information about this position.


Preferred – Master’s Degree in Fisheries Science and/or Management plus a minimum of three years’ experience working for a state or federal Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Agency or an angling-related Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO).

Ad Closing Date: March 2, 2020




No other positions are available at this time.  This page is updated weekly.


Be sure to visit World Fishing and Aquaculture, American Fisheries Society, AquacultureJobs, FishJobs, and EnvironmentalCareer for other job listings and resumé posting services.

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