Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.
Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.

Legal, Regulatory, Permitting, and Litigation Services

We are here to assist you in strengthening your aquaculture, fish farm, or fisheries-related legal case, or help you unravel the regulatory and permitting challenges associated with production facility development.

  • Independent evaluation of facility production potential from an impartial source
  • Due diligence
  • Independent technical and production audits
  • Independent assessment of fault
  • Independent assessment of liability
  • Estimates of past and future damages
  • Standards of practice in fish farming and fisheries management
  • Expert testimony
  • Permit requirements and interpretation of regulations

Please Note: Our team includes a licensed attorney with experience in aquaculture-related regulatory and permitting issues.  We are not licensed real estate agents or appraisers.   But we are here to assist you in and facilitate the sale, purchase, or appraisal of an aquaculture property, or assessment and legal disposition after a catastrophic aquaculture or fisheries-related event.

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