Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.
Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.

Ponds, Lakes, Reservoirs, Streams, Rivers, and Other Water Features

We offer design, evaluation, characterization, remediation, enhancement, and management services for:

  • Natural and man-made lakes and reservoirs
  • Natural and man-made creeks, streams, and rivers
  • Residential, backyard, decorative, ornamental, and commercial ponds and lakes
  • Residential and commercial water features

Our services include:

  • Design of new systems
  • Design modifications for existing systems
  • Streambank and shoreline stabilization design recommendations
  • Development of new sportfishing and fee-fishing systems and strategies
  • Sportfishing remediation and enhancement
  • Wild and commercial fishery characterization (click here for more)
  • Stream habitat restoration and management
  • Ecosystem evaluation, assessment, and management recommendations
  • Sample analysis and characterization of benthic and pelagic invertebrates and zooplankton
  • Species and habitat recommendations
  • Management of water chemistry and winterkill or summerkill events
  • Comprehensive water chemical analysis (click here for details)
  • Management of aquatic animals and pests
  • Management of aquatic weeds and algae

No project is too large or too small.

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