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Other Tests

Please thoroughly read all instructions on this page!


Leaching of pesticides into groundwater and surface water supplies can cause health problems for aquatic animals and people.


  • Herbicides    US$300 per sample
  • Organochlorines    US$280 per sample
  • Organophosphates    US$320 per sample
  • Carbamates    US$320 per sample


Concerns about contamination of groundwater by fuel stations are widespread.


  • TVPH as Gasoline    US$220 per sample
  • TEPH as Diesel    US$240 per sample
  • BTEX as Gasoline    US$220 per sample

Results are available about 10 business days after receipt of samples.

"Rush" results (results in 1 week): add 50% per sample.


In researching the marketplace, we have found these to be some of the least expensive analyses available.  A written interpretation of the results is available at an additional cost per sample.  Please call us for sample bottles and collection instructions.  Special containers and collection techniques are required for Pesticide and Hydrocarbon analyses.  Please visit our sampling and shipping instructions page next.


Other water tests are available.  If you have other water analysis needs, check above near the top of this page or please call us.  We can fashion a custom package to fit your needs.

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