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Sampling and Shipping

Sample Collection Instructions

Collect your samples in very clean, 125 ml (4 oz) or larger plastic bottles.  Single-serving drinking water or mineral water bottles or plastic bottles found at camping supply stores work well for this purpose.  Please, no glass--glass breaks during shipping.


Rinse the bottles thoroughly in the sample water to remove any residue from previous use.  Fill the bottles, being careful to avoid (if possible) introduction of solid materials, and close them under water to eliminate all gas bubbles.  Seal the bottles tightly.

Shipping and Payment Instructions

Package your sample bottles in a sturdy box and include:


  • Instructions for testing (i.e., which tests you require) and interpretation of results,
  • A business or personal check to cover the total cost of analysis and interpretation, and
  • Your preferred method to receive the results (postal mail, e-mail) and appropriate address.
  • Use the shipping address listed below.
  • You may use a credit card or PayPal® to pay for popular analysis options Click here to see if your analysis option is listed.

If you are NOT choosing one of the popular options and your preference is to pay with a credit card, please call us and we will quickly create a custom credit card payment page just for your order.

Important Shipping Considerations--Please note!

  • Speed of delivery is important!  Specify morning or fastest delivery (before 10:30 a.m.).  The faster we receive the samples and stabilize them, the greater accuracy of your results.
  • Avoid handling delays by specifying "NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED FOR DELIVERY OF PACKAGE" on your shipping form!
  • Ship your samples Monday-Thursday only!  We will not accept samples on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Please contact us on the day you ship!  We like to know when samples are arriving.
  • Immediately transport them to a next-day shipper such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Express Mail, etc.

Send your package to our office address:


Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.

506 Wabash St.

Fort Collins, CO 80526-3245



Your results will be available about 2 weeks after we receive your samples, or 1 week for "Rush" results.

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